3 Best Times to Take Creatine

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3 Best Times to Take Creatine

The subject of creatine usage has been a topic of great debate. When the supplement first became available in the early 90s, there was a lot of misinformation regarding the effects of creatine. However, using it as part of a fitness regime has become commonplace and increased research means that fitness enthusiasts are much more educated on the topic. Here we provide insight into one of the commonly asked questions; when should you take creatine?

It’s no secret that time can and will affect your nutritional uptake from food and supplements. Though which times are best for various ingredients seem to differ greatly depending on who you ask. Here are some of the more common thoughts across the industry on ideal creatine timing:

Before a workout

Ingesting creatine before a workout is the most common practice and has been a popular choice for gym goers and athletes since it hit the market. The argument for this is that creatine generates larger amounts of adenosine triphosphate. ATP is the primary first use source of energy in the human body which is why many advocates believe that higher amounts of this at the beginning of a workout will give the muscles more energy. It is for this reason that some research has shown an increased ability for athletes to achieve greater amounts of training output in short bursts. This means potentially adding some reps to your existing range and allowing you to work harder before fatigue shuts you down.

After a workout

As well as having a potential fatigue delaying affect when taken pre-workout, there is also a heavy trend of post workout use. The purpose of this is to help replenish the worn-out and damaged muscle in order to kick start its repair and recovery. There is also an argument from many sports nutritionists that creatine absorption by the muscle is maximised during that initial recovery phase when the damaged muscle is crying out for nutrients. It is for this reason that many recovery protein supplements include creatine as a secondary ingredient.

Before Bed

A less common approach and certainly one with less proof, but none the less a popular technique among hardcore bodybuilders, is to take creatine before bed. This is usually done as part of a protein and carbohydrate supplement stack. The idea behind this approach is that during the period of sleep, the body is repairing itself and requires a source of nutrition to aid in this process.

Any time

There are a number of fitness enthusiasts and health advocates that disagree with the previous opinions and argue that they are based largely on gym superstition and less on solid scientific evidence. Although there are certain supplements and nutrients that are affected by timing, they argue that thehuman body will make the most of the nutrients it’s getting, regardless of when they are ingested. Thus suggesting that it’s more a case of ingesting the sufficient overall amount per day rather than focussing too much on specific timing.

Whether you’re planning to take your creatine before or after your workout, or even before bed for good measure, ensure that you are using only the best quality supplements by checking out our Creatine range.

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