Vegan Gains: Best vegan-friendly recipes for muscle and strength

Best vegan-friendly recipes for muscle and strength

In recent years, more people have begun to turn away from traditional meat-filled diets in favour of an animal-friendly lifestyle. While there are a number of health benefits to this, it can be difficult for vegans that are training to get the amount of protein and other nutrients they need to build muscle and increase strength. We’ve put together a few great meal ideas that will help you get the gains you need without compromising your diet.

High-protein shake

A protein shake is a great way for those with a busy schedule to top up their protein levels and keep their body repairing at full speed. There are all kinds of fruits and vegetables you can include in your shake. Bananas are always a great base as they add texture and provide you with much-needed potassium. Here are a few high-protein ingredients you could include:

  • Soy milk
  • Hemp seeds
  • Dairy-free peanut butter
  • Chia seeds
  • Soya protein powder

Protein pancakes

Pancakes are a great morning snack or dessert and can be very helpful in the repairing of your muscles if you add high-protein ingredients. Bypass the eggs and use crushed banana for an extra potassium boost. Add flax seeds or any other type of seed to add texture and, flavour and extra protein. Ground almond or vegan-friendly protein powder are also great additions.

Quorn tray bake

Quorn is an ideal meat substitute for vegans. It’s high in natural protein and is packed full of nutrients. Another advantage is that it’s available in different cuts which means it can be used in a range of dishes. Mix Quorn chunks with a selection of your favourite vegetables, add a mixture of spices or flavourings and bake for a delicious meal that’s full of protein and low in carbs.

Avocado and bean mash

Avocado is a versatile food that’s rich in healthy fats and nutrients. There are hundreds of great recipes out that that include avocado but a simple mash is a good place to start. Scoop out your avocado and mix it into a paste with the addition of beans to add extra protein. White beans are always a good option. The finished mash goes great on toast with fresh tomatoes.

Tofu stir-fry

Stir-fry is always a great option for dinner or lunch as there aren’t really any rules in terms of what you can add. Tofu chunks are great for adding texture and protein to your dish and the options are endless when it comes to vegetables. Adding protein-rich extras such as cashews or other nuts will give an extra little boost to the dish.

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