Bulking tips for winter (Training + Nutrition for building mass)

Plus Protein Bulking Tips

Bulking tips for winter

Bulking is a key part of a training regime, especially if you’re looking to build more muscle mass and increase your strength. Whether you’re training for aesthetics or for strength, you must build a foundation of muscle before shredding and sculpting your figure. The winter season is an ideal time to bulk and these top tips will help you stay motivated and keep you on track. At Plus Protein we have a range of products and tips to help you reach your training goals.

Eat more calories

During the winter months, it’s hard to find an appetite for anything other than warm, wholesome meals that are often filled with carbs. Fortunately, this can be used to your advantage when bulking. The aim is to eat more calories than you are burning off in order to increase mass. This means that you can indulge in foods that are heavier in calories. For example, At Plus Protein we have a calorie heavy Mass Gainer https://www.plus-protein.com/product/ultimate-mass/

Don’t cut out all cardio

While you are trying to increase mass by taking in more calories, it’s still important to try and keep your fitness up while bulking. The amount of cardio you do will be less but it’s still a good idea to do a little during your workout in order to keep your heart cardiovascular system healthy and working hard. Also, cardio can help to reduce the build-up of fat stores during your bulking phase. At Plus Protein we have a range of Pre Workout supplements to boost your cardio workouts https://www.plus-protein.com/pre-workout-recovery/

Get plenty of protein

If you’re looking to build your muscle mass, it’s vital that you are getting enough protein to help your body repair its muscle fibres. It’s commonly suggested that you ingest a minimum of 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight. It can be hard to maintain such a high intake of protein which is why supplement powders like the ones available at Plus Protein are essential when bulking.

Monitor your progress

In order to make sure that you’re making sufficient gains during your bulk phase, it’s important that you’re tracking your progress, both in terms of weight gained and calorie intake. A good average to go by is an increase of 0.5-1 pound of weight each week. Keep an eye on your weight and cross-reference it with your calorie intake to see whether or not you need to increase your intake and gain more weight.

Give your body its nutrients

Many people choose to eat anything in sight and don’t focus on eating healthy when bulking. While this will give your body the increased calories it needs, it won’t necessarily keep it healthy. It’s important that you include food in your bulking diet that contains important nutrients, vitamins and minerals. At Plus Protein we have a range of minerals for your dietary requirements which you can find here at https://www.plus-protein.com/tablets-capsules/

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