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Fitness tips: shredding for summer

Plus Protein Shredding for summer

Plus Protein Fitness Tips: Shredding for Summer With the New Year well underway, your fitness regime should be full speed ahead. You’ve probably settled into your new workout schedule, are feeling inspired and motivated and have a fridge full of veggies and clean eating ingredients. It may seem far away as you grind out another […]

Plus Protein: How to train for a marathon

Plus Protein: How to train for a marathon

Plus Protein: How to train for a marathon A marathon is the ultimate test of fitness and perseverance for runners and fitness enthusiasts. Every year, millions of people take to the streets to push their body to the limits and complete a 26.2-mile circuit. Completing the run is no easy feat so if you’re planning […]

Bulking tips for winter (Training + Nutrition for building mass)

Plus Protein Bulking Tips

Bulking tips for winter Bulking is a key part of a training regime, especially if you’re looking to build more muscle mass and increase your strength. Whether you’re training for aesthetics or for strength, you must build a foundation of muscle before shredding and sculpting your figure. The winter season is an ideal time to […]

Plus Protein: Tips for sticking to your New Year’s resolution fitness plan

Plus Protein New Years resolution picture

Plus Protein: Tips for sticking to your New Year’s resolution fitness plan As is traditional at New Year, many of us will pledge to lose weight, get fitter and eat healthier as 2018 progresses. The new year provides new opportunities and a chance to start fresh with a brand new fitness plan. Making the change […]

Plus Protein: How to burn fat effectively

Plus Protein: How to burn fat Losing weight can prove to be a difficult challenge for many people. The good news is there is no magic or secret science, just commitment to improved nutrition and exercise. At Plus Protein we break it down into key steps to help you stay on track in your weight loss […]

TRX Workouts

TRX Workouts

TRX Workouts TRX workouts are bodyweight exercises that use ropes or suspension straps for strengthening the body and increasing flexibility and balance. Many people with back problems, knee problems and slipped discs find that TRX or suspension exercises allow them to exercise without further aggravating their injuries. TRX apparatus are commonly found in the majority of gyms […]

4 Benefits of a Fitness Subscription Box

fitness subscription box uk

4 Benefits of a Fitness Subscription box Maintaining a healthy diet and a strict fitness regime can be difficult, especially if you have a busy work schedule or you have children. One of the hardest parts of sticking to your routine is getting all of the nutrients that your body needs to make the most […]

3 Best Times to Take Creatine

Optimum creatine

3 Best Times to Take Creatine The subject of creatine usage has been a topic of great debate. When the supplement first became available in the early 90s, there was a lot of misinformation regarding the effects of creatine. However, using it as part of a fitness regime has become commonplace and increased research means […]

The Common Misconceptions about Weight Loss

The world is becoming increasingly health conscious, with more and more of us joining gyms and following online workouts to lose weight and improve our fitness. While things like social media and the internet have provided a lot of opportunities for the promotion of healthy lifestyles and the sharing of information, it has also led […]

Compound Exercises for Killer Abs

Compound Exercises for Killer Abs It’s fair to say that killer abs are the world’s most desired commodity. However this result eludes the majority of people due to a few simple mistakes. Now lets get this clear, unless you are genetically gifted (Curse those lucky people!), obtaining an aesthetic six pack isn’t easy. OK, that’s […]