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Plus Protein: What Are the Benefits of BCAA Supplements?


Plus Protein: What Are the Benefits of BCAA Supplements? What are BCAA’S? BCAAs are a commonly misunderstood supplement. BCAAs are Brand Chain Amino Acids, part of the broken-down building blocks of protein. BCAAs do occur naturally in certain foods particularly red meat but often in such low quantities that you don’t reap the more noticeable […]

Fitness tips: shredding for summer

Plus Protein Shredding for summer

Plus Protein Fitness Tips: Shredding for Summer With the New Year well underway, your fitness regime should be full speed ahead. You’ve probably settled into your new workout schedule, are feeling inspired and motivated and have a fridge full of veggies and clean eating ingredients. It may seem far away as you grind out another […]

Plus Protein: How to burn fat effectively

Plus Protein: How to burn fat Losing weight can prove to be a difficult challenge for many people. The good news is there is no magic or secret science, just commitment to improved nutrition and exercise. At Plus Protein we break it down into key steps to help you stay on track in your weight loss […]

TRX Workouts

TRX Workouts

TRX Workouts TRX workouts are bodyweight exercises that use ropes or suspension straps for strengthening the body and increasing flexibility and balance. Many people with back problems, knee problems and slipped discs find that TRX or suspension exercises allow them to exercise without further aggravating their injuries. TRX apparatus are commonly found in the majority of gyms […]