The Common Misconceptions about Weight Loss

The world is becoming increasingly health conscious, with more and more of us joining gyms and following online workouts to lose weight and improve our fitness. While things like social media and the internet have provided a lot of opportunities for the promotion of healthy lifestyles and the sharing of information, it has also led to a lot of misinformation. Here we’ve debunked some of the common myths about weight loss to help you get in shape.

All calories are the same

Although calories are a measurement of energy and the value of that energy remains constant across all food groups, it’s not true that different types of calories act in the same way. For example, a protein calorie will be metabolised in your body differently to a fat calorie. Also, the calories in whole foods and protein can help you feel fuller for longer and boost metabolism.

You should always be losing

It’s easy to get deterred and demotivated if you find that some weeks you hit a plateau or gain weight but this is perfectly normal. Despite common belief, losing weight is not a linear process and your body may fluctuate depending on a range of factors. As long as you see an overall downward curve in your weight, you’re making progress.

All supplements are good for weight loss

With thousands of supplements available on the market, all promising incredible results, it is easy to get tricked into believing that any pill or powder will cause you to miraculously shed weight. However, there are certain products that have been proven to be effective. Plus Protein’s high-quality weight loss supplements are proven to help shed the pounds.

Eating less will help

This idea that not eating will help you lose weight is one of the oldest myths in the book. Not only is it false but it is also very unhealthy. The human body is designed to store energy so that it can still operate properly in times of malnourishment. This means that by denying your body food, it will go into starvation mode and start storing energy as fat. If you are exercising, it is vital that you get the nutrients you need to build muscle and burn fat.

You should cut carbs

While it’s true that carbs can result in higher fat reserves if they are not burned off, cutting them out completely is unnecessary. Carbohydrates give your body the much-needed energy it needs to exercise. The best course of action is to eat healthier carbs such as brown pasta and maintain a good balance between them and protein.

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