Plus Protein: What Are the Benefits of BCAA Supplements?


Plus Protein: What Are the Benefits of BCAA Supplements?

What are BCAA’S?

BCAAs are a commonly misunderstood supplement. BCAAs are Brand Chain Amino Acids, part of the broken-down building blocks of protein. BCAAs do occur naturally in certain foods particularly red meat but often in such low quantities that you don’t reap the more noticeable benefits from taking them in clean, high dose supplement form. At Plus Protein we have a range of high quality BCAA supplements to boost your workouts

Amino acids assist the body in a number of ways and specifically benefit the new generation of body builder and aesthetic focussed athletes looking to create the ideal muscular yet lean physique. One of the most prominent roles for BCAA use within the bodybuilding world is to assist in combating muscle tissue breakdown. Also referred to as catabolism. A catabolic state refers to the body breaking its own tissue down to be used for energy.


Using BCAA’s for Lean Muscle

If you’re looking to build a more muscular physique while remaining lean, the chances are you’re working at or close to a calorie deficit in order to maintain a fat loss approach. This lack of calories which commonly comes in the form of reduced carbohydrate intake, combined with maintaining a hard workout regime causes the body to find alternative sources of energy. One of these sources comes in the form of breaking down your muscle tissue. A high presence of BCAAs in the tissue can help to divert this and slow the effects of catabolism. This means you can continue to lose fat with a reduced loss of muscle mass.

The knock-on effect of preventing the body from using tissue catabolism for energy also means the body needs to find that energy from elsewhere and while not clinically proven, many nutritional authors and high calibre trainers will suggest this causes the body to turn to your fat stores for energy. Exactly what you want when trying to lean out.

Benefits of BCCA’s

It has also been suggested that a high presence of BCAA in your muscle allows for an increased rate of protein synthesis to occur, meaning more of the high-quality protein you’re consuming is being used effectively to build new muscle. Another impact of this is that you should, in theory, also heal quicker from hypertrophic exercise. Meaning more muscle growth and an increased ability to get back in the gym sooner due to improved recovery times.

As if these benefits weren’t enough, it has also been strongly linked that BCAA intake can improve cognitive function in terms of the mind and muscle connection. Allowing better recruitment and activation of muscle fibres during training.

While some of the benefits of BCAAs are not clinically proven, they have been adopted as part of a daily routine by numerous athletes and high-level bodybuilders of which the vast majority will claim they are an essential part of their regime.  See the benefits for yourself at  Plus Protein



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